Which Tartan Can I Wear?

Posted on September 13 2016

Looking For Your 'Own' Tartan?

The first route to choosing a tartan is to look in our Tartan Finder where you will find an extensive list of over 1,000 tartans, arranged in alphabetical order by family name, or the name of the tartan.You might be surprised to learn that not all tartans are linked to family names. Some are named by places and/or description (‘Portree Modern’ or ‘Scotland 2000’).

Can't Find Your Name on Our List?

If you don’t find your name there, your next stop for research is the Scottish Tartans Authority where you can try to ferret out your tartan connection. They have an even more extensive database of names and their connections to different tartans, and you’ll be surprised at the unexpected connections they have found. Enter ‘Heidelburg’ in their search and you will find an attractive design for the exclusive use of members of a student fraternity in Germany. So don’t give up your search too soon!

Still Can't Find Your Tartan?

If your research does not reveal your Scottish family roots, and you can’t find a creative reason to choose any particular tartan, our view at buyakilt.com is that you can wear any tartan we offer. Apparently recent genetic research suggests that only Genghis Khan has more descendants in the world today than the original MacDonald clan.


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