Looking Back: Our First Year

On Wednesday, 27 September 2017, Kilt Society™ celebrated its first birthday. 

We like to think we're always a work in progress, always looking for ways to update our range and to help people like you discover their perfect kilt. All the same, we've come a long way in a year. This post is a little celebration of that. 

Here are some of the great milestones we experienced in our first year as a brand. 

Launch of the Kilt Society™ Essentials range

We've always believed that being on a budget shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice quality. That's why one of the first things we did was to build the Kilt Society™ Essentials range.

We dedicated time to source products from expert local and international suppliers so we can offer you traditional and modern designs at affordable prices.

A more user-friendly outfit builder

We knew that to be taken seriously as a modern kilt brand, we needed the Kilt Society storefront to be unique and stylish. Our existing outfit builder was outdated and didn't fit that new direction. 

Our new outfit builder was made to be fresh, modern, and intuitive. It's there to inspire our customers and to make their kilt outfit building experience simple, engaging and enjoyable.

Free shipping for UK customers

Purchasing a kilt outfit can be a big investment. To thank our customers for buying their kilt from us, in August we made the decision to start offering our UK-based customers free shipping on all orders above £49

Our first lookbook

As a new brand, we needed a fresh face. Something that would inspire our customers and emphasize the fact that the kilt can be done in a cool, stylish way. 

Taking inspiration from Scotland and our beautiful landscape, our first lookbook told the story of a Highland elopement from the groom's point of view - from his casual preparation to the intimate, rustic ceremony. 

The story continues to be told on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds using imagery from the shoot.

Design of the first exclusive Kilt Society tartan

We always like to do things a little differently - to stand out and to inspire. We thought, what better way to make our mark than to work with our trusted suppliers to create our own tartan?  

Taking inspiration from our home base, we got to work designing a tartan that reflected our connection to Leith, Edinburgh. Pulling greys from the cobbled streets and stormy skies, with a flash of rich purple to showcase how close to nature we feel in the city, our first tartan was born. 

We love the way it looks and can't wait to share it with you. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months for your first look at our exclusive tartan.


It's been a great year. Thanks for being a loyal follower through it all. Cheers to many more to come. 

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