How To: Beer and Food Pairing

How to pair beer with food

We've all heard of wine pairing, but pairing your beer with the right food can be just as important. 

To make sure no good beer goes to waste, we've written this blog post to help you find the most delicious food pairing for your favourite beer. 


This one is a favourite here at Kilt Society™. Carrot cake is not like other cakes. The perfect blend of sweet and tangy, it makes eating vegetables for dessert cool.

Because carrot cake is so sweet, pairing it with a sweet beer can be sweetness overload. Instead, go for a bitter IPA. Even if you're not usually a fan of hoppy beers, this combo might just change your mind with its perfect balance. 


The fact that stout and steak pie is a thing makes this a pretty obvious pairing, but we've thrown it in for good measure.

Whether you're going for a straight-up steak or gran's trademark steak pie, a good stout will enhance the meaty flavour. Extra points if paired with a meaty gravy with a splash of beer mixed in. 


Germany meets Mexico with this tasty combo. Hefeweizen (wheat beer) has a natural bit of spice to it but is light and carbonated enough to wash down spicy foods.

Wheat beers and Mexican cuisine are soulmates. Pair one with anything from tacos and burritos to enchiladas and spicy barbacoa for a refreshing mix.


Even if you've never given a second thought to beer pairing, you've probably heard of this one. Guinness has probably always been paired with oysters, given that they're two of Ireland's most popular exports.

Fair enough, oysters are said to pair with just about anything. They are palate cleansers, after all. But, ask any Irishman and he's sure to tell you that nothing beats this simple marriage of tastes - whether it's enjoyed in a five-star restaurant or at a weekend market.


When it comes to a fat, juicy burger, you need an equally powerful beer. A light beer will be totally overwhelmed by the burger's strong flavours.

An amber ale is nice and heavy, perfect for burgers and chips or any other greasy combo.


This was a tough one, but expert beer tasting research suggests the best beer to pair with sushi is a pilsner. The pilsner's bitter hops are great for bringing out sushi's rich, earthy flavours.

A pilsner normally has a nice floral flavour, balancing perfectly with sushi's salty-sweetness. The beer's carbonation also complements some of the spicier dishes, like wasabi or spicy mayonnaise.