Kilt Jackets Explained

Posted on July 14 2017

Kilt Society™ is all about helping you wear your kilt the way you want to. We're inspired by tradition but equally inspired by our customers' unique sense of style.  

It can be difficult to navigate the world of kilt jackets. That's why the experts at Kilt Society™ have come up with this handy guide to help you discover the perfect jacket for your kilt outfit. We're here to tell you all there is to know about each type of jacket, where to wear it, and what to pair it with. 

Prince Charlie Jackets


Prince Charlie jackets are the most formal style of kilt jacket. Think the kilt equivalent of a 'black tie' outfit.

They are traditionally worn with a wing collar shirt and bow tie. Occasionally, they are worn with a Victorian collar shirt and a ruched tie for a more contemporary look.

The Prince Charlie Jacket is usually made from a heavy worsted pure wool fabric known as barathea. They are generally available in 13oz and 15oz fabrics, although lighter and heavier weights are available.

This jacket is heavily decorated, featuring ornate buttons on the front, sleeves and tails at the rear. It also usually has satin lapels and silk braided epaulettes. As such, it is usually only worn to special occasions like weddings and formal dinners.

Prince Charlie jackets are normally worn with a matching three-button waistcoat. The waistcoat features the same level of decoration as the jacket, with ornate buttons and satin lapels. They may also be worn with higher-fastening five-button waistcoats to complement a ruched tie.

Wearing a full dress sporran complements the formal nature of your Prince Charlie jacket.  

Argyll Jackets

Argyll Jackets are the versatile equivalent of a traditional dress suit. They are less formal than the Prince Charlie but can be worn to formal and casual functions alike. Think formal, but not too formal - perfect for attending a wedding.

The traditional Argyll Jacket is most suited to evening occasions, while a tweed version (see below) would be worn at day functions.

Both our bespoke Argyll jackets and those in our Kilt Society™ Essentials collection are made with 150z Barathea new wool.

While less formal than the Prince Charlie, the Argyll jacket is still decorated with polished buttons on the pocket flaps and gauntlets (but not on the jacket's back). The lapels and epaulettes are usually plain and made from the same material as the jacket, although some manufacturers use a braided epaulette.

Pairing the Argyll jacket with a vest isn't necessary, but is rather a matter of style and occasion. Normally, an Argyll would be worn with a standard collar shirt and regular neck tie.

For a slightly more formal look, the Argyll jacket can be worn with a high-fastening five-button waistcoat. If going the formal route, we commend pairing your Argyll jacket with a Victorian collar shirt and ruched tie

Argyll jackets can be worn with either semi dress sporrans  or full dress sporrans for formal functions or leather day sporrans for a more casual look.

Tweed Argyll Jackets

The Argyle tweed jacket features the same construction as the traditional Argyll jacket and is perfect for daytime events, particularly outdoor events. We love pulling it out garden parties, the highland games, or for going to the races.

Depending on the occasion, these jackets can be worn with a matching tweed five-button waistcoat. However, this more casual jacket would generally only be worn with a standard collar shirt and neck tie.

Our Tweed Argyll jackets are made from pure wool tweed material. Though less formal, we've preserved that special attention to detail with staghorn buttons and detailed pockets and cuffs.

Tweed Argyll jackets are can be worn with a leather day sporran or pair with a semi dress or full dress sporran for more formal occasions.

Braemar Jackets

The Braemar Jacket, also known as the Araca Jacket, is a great contemporary option. As a more stylised jacket, the modern Braemar is cut even neater than the other jackets we've mentioned. 

This jacket is particularly popular among fashionable men looking for a fresher take on the traditional kilt outfit. We often see them popping up at proms and graduations.

The Braemar takes style inspiration from several of the jackets we've already mentioned. It features the same formal sleeve detailing as the Prince Charlie jacket, combined with the pure wool tweed fabric and staghorn buttons of a Tweed Argyll. 

Our Braemar jackets come with a matching five-button waistcoat for an extra polished look.

If wearing your Braemar jacket with a kilt rather than trousers or trews, we recommend pairing it with a day leather sporran. You can also opt for a semi dress  or full dress sporran if you want a slightly more formal look. 

Wallace Jacket

Looking for a simple suit jacket without all the extra detailing, but is still luxurious and custom made just for you? The Wallace Jacket is what you're looking for.

The Wallace is a tailored jacket with a three-button closing, finished with staghorn buttons, a simple cuff and functional pockets - everything you need and nothing you don't. These jackets are also longer in the body, causing them to sit lower than our other jackets. 

Each of our bespoke Wallace jackets is made with your choice of 15oz pure wool tweed or Barathea wool cloth. We always recommend ordering your five-button waistcoat at the same time to ensure cloth consistency.  

Anything else?

Kilt Society™ jackets tend to run neat, so if you find yourself between sizes always be sure to go up. 

You can find our full range of jackets here.

Still not sure?

The Kilt Society™ team would love to answer any of your kilt jacket related questions. Feel free to get in touch at Our full contact information can be found here.



  • Vanda Crichton: February 15, 2018

    My husband has a Royal Stuart kilt and would like to wear a Breamar jacket, he would like to wear a grey one, but I am not sure if a grey jacket would be right for the tartan of the kilt.

  • Yvonne: January 15, 2018

    Hey Jason,

    For a formal event the Prince Charlie Jacket will sit well with the Grey Spirit Tartan, black or white shirt and bow tie.

  • Jason: January 13, 2018

    Black to fucntion at the Savoy, I’m wearing grey spirit tartan, is th Prince Charlie jacket the correct style? With black shirt and bow tie?

  • Megan: November 21, 2017

    Hey Duncan. Morning dress would just be the daytime equivalent of black tie, so a Prince Charlie jacket with a 5-button waistcoat and kilt would look great. A ruched tie is more likely for morning dress, although a bow tie wouldn’t be out of place.

  • Duncan Edwards: November 13, 2017

    Hi I have a wedding invitation to an english wedding. The dress code (as you would expect) is morning dress. Normally I would not even think twice about throwing on the kilt but Im now having some doubts. Can you clarify what the scottish equivalent of the morning dress is? Many Thanks

  • Megan: October 25, 2017

    Hey Jim. I would recommend a smart-casual tweed coat or jacket. Really, anything that you’d pair with a nice dress shirt and smart pair of jeans would look great. Just bear in mind that kilt jackets are shorter than normal jackets and coats so are best for pairing with the kilt. Hope that helps!

  • Jim Campbell: October 23, 2017

    If I am wearing my casual day kilts, what can I use for a coat?

  • Megan: September 25, 2017

    Hey Scott. Sorry to report we don’t sell patterns. We do sell a Boys Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat for £90, but no Argylls at the moment.

  • Scott Stronach: September 20, 2017

    Do you sell patterns for Argyll jackets? I’m looking to make one for my two year old son for my wedding so that he can match me? I can’t really afford to spend nearly £200 (standard quotes from many kiltmakers) on one. I’ve already got the material and a waistcoat pattern, but the jacket pattern has proved to be as elusive as a free range highland haggis.

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