What to Wear to a Scottish Wedding

Posted on September 14 2016


What to Wear to a Scottish Wedding


We appreciate that getting prepared for a wedding can often be a stressful event. However, don’t worry, we are here to help. We want to make sure your day is as special and well planned out as it can be. Here at Kilt Society, we love using our expertise to help our customers in every way we can. Have a look at our guide below to help you put the perfect Scottish wedding outfit together.


Scottish Men in Kilts


Your Wedding Outfit


Full Outfit Options Your Kilt Shirt & Tie Jacket & Vest
Sporran Fly Plaid & Brooch Kilt Pin Hose
Flashes Sgian Dubh Belt & Buckle Brogues




Wedding Kilt Outfit

Full Outfit Options

Our kilt outfits are a great way to get all the pieces you need for your wedding. Combining different styles (notably jackets) with options for every budget. We think you should consider spending as much on an outfit as you would for a wedding dress as you can wear your kilt outfit for a number of occasions, making the cost per wear much lower.

Kilt Society™ Essentials. Our Kilt Society™ Essentials outfit includes all of your essential kilt outfit items, in a choice of 13 different tartans. It’s ideal if you need something quick and classic, and only costs a little bit more than hiring but can be worn again and again. Choose your tartan then, depending on your personal style, a Kilt Society™ Essentials Prince Charlie, Argyll or Braemar jacket. If you want something a bit more special, you can upgrade your jacket and kilt to a bespoke Kilt Society™ jacket or kilt.

The Kilt Society™ outfit. The Kilt Society™ Outfit is a great option for those of you who are looking for that wee bit of luxury. Including a traditional 8 yard made to measure kilt in your choice of tartan, and plenty jacket colours and styles to choose from so you can get the exact look you desire for your special day, this outfit package is one of our most popular. Choose from our luxury Prince Charlie, Argyll or Braemar jackets which are all made to measure with matching waistcoats optional. This package also includes our highest quality accessories with your choice of kilt pin and sgian dubhs. This outfit is perfect groom material and will be sure to turn heads all day.

Seen something that’s not included in our packages that you would quite like? No problem! Contact us with any questions or requests and we will do everything we can to fulfill all your wedding day needs.

Don’t forget to plan ahead when putting together your perfect kilt outfit! Think about the wedding date before ordering, as many of our items are handmade just for you, so they might take a wee bit of time to be made.



Wedding Kilt

Your Kilt

Who knew that way back in the 16th century the people of the Scottish highlands would be able to start a trend that has most definitely stood the test of time. Today the kilt is known as the national dress of Scotland and is still worn by many all over the world. It is the perfect 'pride' symbol for those of you who have a bit of Celtic or Scottish blood in you. However, it is also an extremely fashionable and unique take on your wedding outfit, so if you have absolutely no Scottish in you, don't worry, the kilt is still a perfect option.

Choosing the right kilt can mean you have the perfect kilt for life not just for your wedding. An 8 yard wool kilt is a traditional option allowing you full customisation. These options are also available in a 5 yard wool kilt for a lighter option. Our Kilt Society Essentials kilts are perfect for those of you looking for both quality and value for money. Available in a selection of our favourite tartans, the 5 yard and 8 yard Kilt Society Essentials kilt is the perfect option if you just don't have the time to have one made. It is made from a viscose mix fabric which is not only highly durable, but much cooler to wear.

For those you having or heading to a wedding abroad or in a warmer climate you may want to choose a 5 yard kilt. The pleats are shallower which, again, make it cooler to wear.

Back in the day, our Scottish friends wore a tartan depending on which clan they came from. Even today, this is still the most common way to wear your kilt. We have thousands of clan tartans available, so why not personalise your kilt and choose your family's own tartan or even just choose a plaid that you like!


Can't find your tartan in our database? Contact us and we'll let you know if were able to hunt it down for you.



Wedding Shirt and Tie

Shirt & Tie

Traditionally a Scottish bride gives the groom a gift of a “wedding sark” (shirt). If you plan on maintaining this tradition, beware grooms, as the return gift is the wedding dress.

A classic crisp white shirt is a perfect choice but black is also common with contemporary outfits. Make sure you choose the right collar type to match your tie. A bow tie is worn with a wing collar shirt, a ruched tie is worn with a Victoria collar shirt and a neck tie is worn with a standard or victoria collar shirt.

For a more casual wedding, as a guest or for a wedding abroad a Jacobite Ghillie Shirt is the perfect choice, worn loose, this is a traditional and comfortable way to wear highland dress.

It's common to match your tie with the colours being used for the wedding or with the colour of the bridesmaids dresses. Our ruched ties come in so many different colour options there is bound to be one perfect for your big day.

Want something even more special? Why not get your own custom made tie or bow tie to match the tartan on your kilt. Both of these contemporary options are the perfect choice as they can be worn to so many weddings with different outfits.


Wedding Jacket and Vest

Jacket & Vest

The most traditional option is the Prince Charlie Jacket and 3 button vest but to make it a little different consider swapping to a 5 button vest and a Ruched Tie. This is also available as a contemporary option with black finish buttons instead of silver. With our luxury options you can also select from a navy blue or bottle green cloth.

For a less formal style we suggest you swap to the Argyll Jacket. This can be worn with or without a 5 button vest and is also popular for Trews Outfits as it’s a little longer than the Prince Charlie style. It still has the fabulous silver buttons so is unmistakably Highland dress.

Fabulous tweeds are also growing in popularity. Why not choose from our stock Grey Tweed Jacket (it comes with the matching 5 button vest) or have one made for you in a choice of 5 different tweeds.


Scottish Wedding Sporrans


The sporran is an essential piece of traditional Scottish dress and is a ‘must have’ when styling your wedding outfit. Not only is it entirely functional and will hold anything your pocket-less kilt can’t, but it’s a great way to personalise your kilt outfit and stand out against other kilt wearers at a wedding.

Our sporrans come in a variety of styles in order to suit all different outfit options. The Full Dress Sporran is our most formal option. It looks great on a handsome groom in his Prince Charlie Outfit.

The Semi Dress Sporran is perfect for a less formal look, in particular with the Argyll outfit.

Leather sporrans are the most casual style and, of course, are usually worn with our Casual Kilt Outfits.

However, there is no sporran rule book, wear any style with whatever outfit you please. At the end of the day if it’s for your wedding, your opinion is most important.

We think sporrans can also make a special gift and memory for any male member of the wedding party. Why not present your grooms men with matching Sporran Gift Sets on the day of the wedding?

Still not sure which one to choose? Take a look at our guide to choosing a sporran.




Wedding Plaid and Brooch

Fly Plaid & Brooch

Nothing speaks Scottish wedding more than a Fly Plaid. The wearing of a Fly Plaid and a Brooch (to pin it with) is one way to set the groom apart from the rest of the wedding party.

A Fly Plaid can be worn with a Formal Outfit or with a Ghillie Shirt to make the wedding outfit extra special. We always suggest you match your Fly Plaid to the exact tartan cloth of your kilt.

This can often make it a handmade to order item, so always make sure you are ordering in plenty of time for the big day! However, we also already stock 10 of our most popular tartan fly plaids which are perfect to wear with our Trews Outfits.



Wedding Kilt Pin

Kilt Pin

It may not seem so important, but unless you want your kilt blowing open during the wedding photos, we suggest you get yourself a Kilt Pin. It is designed to hold down and add some weight to the single layer of fabric on the front of your kilt called the ‘apron’ which should, in turn, protect your dignity.

We think Kilt Pins are also a great way to add a wee bit of personality to your kilt. With such a wide range, there is one to suit everyone. Why not add your family’s clan crest or one with a coloured stone to match the wedding’s theme. Of course, feel free to pick one just because you like it.

For those of you who enjoy the finer things, we also have a bespoke selection of Luxury Silver Kilt Pins available. Delivered in a quality presentation box, they make the perfect gift for those special friends who have helped you out on your big day.

Tip to remember: Make sure your kilt pin is fixed to the top layer of cloth as if it's used on the inner apron there's a risk of damaging your kilt



Wedding Hose


Hose are just another word for the Scottish socks that go with your kilt. Unlike your average sock, this particular type are longer, thicker and have a deep cuff to turn over at the top. The Hose are worn to be seen and therefore come in a variety of designs and colour options. We suggest you choose a colour that complements your kilt tartan and allows you to stand out amongst the other wedding guests.

At Kilt Society we do great classic cream as well as some coloured hose. Our coloured hose are the perfect way to let others at the wedding know that you have purchased your kilt outfit instead of hiring it. However, we still think cream is a perfect option, as they are sure to match any kilt or colour theme you are going for. The quality of our hose speaks for itself. Not only do they make your legs look great, but the type of knitting construction ensures maximum comfort throughout your full day. 



Scottish Wedding Flashes


Not only are Flashes an essential kilt accessory to stop your hose falling down, but they are an easy way to complement and add a bit of differentiation to your kilt outfit.

With a wide variety of styles, why not choose Plain Flashes to complement your wedding’s colour theme or Tartan Flashes to match your kilt. We have options to suit every wallet size with our range of standard, luxury and custom made styles.

Got a few weddings coming up? Why not pick up a few different options to match your kilt. Flashes are a great way to change your look without the expense of replacing major parts of your kilt outfit.



Wedding Sgian Dubhs

Sgian Dubh

Translated from Gaelic as the ‘hidden knife’, the Sgian Dubh (pronounced skee-an-doo) was once used as an essential part of life during Scottish history. It has come a long way from once being a useful survival tool to a decorative accessory used to make the modern kilt wearer feel like a true Scotsman.

Show off your Sgian Dubh by tucking it into the side of your Hose with just the handle on show. Take your pick from hundreds of different styles here on Kilt Society. From budget safety designs to wood and staghorn styles topped with coloured gemstones, there is a Sgian Dubh to suit every outfit.

Want to keep a coherent theme, throughout your outfit? Why not choose a Sgian Dubh with the same motif or semi-precious gemstone as your kilt pin.

We also think our Sgian Dubhs can make a great wedding gift. Choose one of our quality sterling silver or pewter designs to present to the groom on his big day. It is something he is sure to cherish.

(And don’t worry, there is no chance of you getting into bother on your wedding day, as these decorative knives all comply with the Licensing of Knife Dealers Act 2010.)


Wedding Belt

Belt & Buckle

The Kilt Belt is traditionally made of leather and has a decorative Belt Buckle attached. Usually we would suggest adding this to your Argyll or Casual outfit, however, it can also look great on the Prince Charlie if you do want to wear one.

Kilt belts are a good bit wider than normal belts, so be sure to invest in an appropriate buckle designed to fit it properly. Our decorative buckles are another great way to complement your kilt and add a wee bit of personal style. Choose from a large selection of styles ranging from plain to patterned, traditional designs.

Why not match your Belt Buckle to your Sporran, Sgian Dubh and Kilt Pin to create an overall coherent style around your outfit. Or, if you’re the groom, why not stand out and choose a significantly different Belt Buckle to your groomsmen.



Wedding Brogues


As we’ve already covered all the clothing and accessory options for your wedding outfit, it’s time to discuss footwear. Traditionally, the Ghillie Brogue is worn with the kilt outfit. This is a tongue-less style which has evolved from traditional highland footwear, when men would wrap leather or hide around their feet. Now we certainly do not expect you to do this on your wedding day, so why not choose from our quality selection of Ghillie Brogues. Whether you’re looking for a basic, classic, contemporary or traditional style, we’ve got something to suit all.

Whilst the Ghillie Brogue might be the more ‘Scottish’ option, many of our fashion conscious kilt wearers go for a more modern approach to footwear. Our Oxford Brogue is of the highest quality craftsmanship and can be worn to more than one wedding, with or without your Kilt.



Need some more wedding inspiration? Head over to our Wedding Inspiration page where you will find some useful hints and tips on how to incorporate some Scottish and Celtic tradition into your big day.





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