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Posted on September 14 2016

Your Scottish Wedding Inspiration


We know your wedding is a special day and we want to do everything we can to make sure all goes smoothly. We’ve already helped with a number of weddings, including some of our own team, and now we’d love to help you. To do this, we’ve made a Scottish Wedding Inspiration page just for you. Below you can find some handy tips and ideas straight from the kilt experts.

Scottish Wedding Couple

Wedding KiltWedding Outfits

We love to see a handsome groom looking smart in a kilt on their wedding day, and that’s why we have so many different outfit options available for you. From readymade to custom handmade outfits, we have something to suit everyone at every budget. Here at Kilt Societywe want your experience to feel as personal as possible, that’s why our kilts can be made to measure with any tartan you please. We have thousands of Clan Tartans available. Whether it’s a family tartan or just a colour to match your theme, our Tartan Library has plenty for you to choose from to make your outfit that wee bit more special. (If you’re planning on getting a Customised Kilt outfit for a wedding, please plan ahead as our handmade kilts take between 4-7 weeks to arrive) Below are some of our top tips to consider when choosing your Wedding Outfit. However, if you need some more detailed inspiration on what to wear on your big day, have a look at our guide on What to Wear to a Scottish Wedding.


Wedding Outfits

Which outfit should you wear?

Traditionally a groom would wear a Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit with a Fly Plaid. This is the most formal of the outfits. However, as a key trend this summer, our Braemar Outfit is one of the most popular. Many of our grooms opt for the gorgeous Hamilton Grey tartan and Charcoal Hose to match. The Argyll Jacket is an incredibly versatile option. Wear with or without a 5 button vest for a contemporary look. A casual outfit is a great way to still wear a kilt without the formality (or warmth if abroad) of a full kilt outfit. Add a  fly plaid to a ghillie shirt to complete your wedding outfit. Don’t want to wear a kilt? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (quite literally)! Our Tartan Trews are a stylish way to include some Scottish heritage or Tartan fashion into your wedding. Mix and match them with our Prince Charlie, Argyll and Braemar jackets.


 Scottish Wedding Accessories

Wedding Outfit Accessories

Being kilt specialists, we know exactly how to dress up and accessorize your wedding outfit in true Scottish fashion. You should choose a Sporran based upon the type of outfit you’re wearing. From there you can add any number of combinations of accessories. We have a number of colour options of Hose to choose from and why not add Custom Flashes to match your kilt tartan. Tuck a Sgian Dubh into your hose for a further traditional look. The addition of ghillie brogues is typical of a kilt outfit but other contemporary options are also available. A Fly Plaid is an optional addition, perfect for your wedding day. Match it to your kilt tartan and pin it your Prince Charlie Jacket with a Plaid Brooch. Remember to plan ahead if you are getting a custom made fly plaid, as this can take around 4-7 weeks to arrive. A Belt and Buckle is a recent addition to an outfit, whilst not always worn with the Prince Charlie Jacket it’s a must for the Casual or Argyll options. Finally, fix a Kilt Pin to the top layer of cloth on your kilt for a bit of personalisation. Why not add your Clan Crest or one of our Luxury Silver Designs?  


Boys Wedding Outfit


Dress up your little guy in a Prince Charlie or Casual outfit for a truly Scottish look. Choose between our selection of readymade and handmade to order kilts. Why not incorporate a custom tartan to match the rest of the wedding party or even just let him pick one that he likes! Customise his outfit with a large selection of accessories including mini Sporrans, Brogues, Hose, coloured Ghillie Shirts and Ties. Just like the grown-ups, if you are ordering a Custom Kilt, be sure to do so in plenty of time.

        Scottish Wedding Gifts

Celtic Wedding Traditions & Gifts

Whether you are Scottish, Irish, Welsh or just love the traditions, adding some Celtic touches to your wedding can make a special and personal memory for you and your guests. The term tying the knot comes from the Celtic tradition of handfasting where the couple’s hands were bound together during a ceremony. Use a Tartan Scarf or Length of Material to do this as part of your ceremony. Our Hip Flasks are a traditional gift for your groom, best man and ushers. Need something for the girls? Head over to our sister brand, The Tartan Blanket Co. for a beautiful Tartan Scarf or Shawl. With luxury lambswool and cashmere fabrics we think they are the perfect way to say thank you to those who have helped out on your big day.


Scottish Wedding Favours

Scottish Wedding Favours

Whether your looking to include some Scottish tradition or just a bit of tartan, we have some great wee ideas to make your wedding one to remember. Tartan Fabric can be used to decorate tables and Tartan Rugs can be draped around the venue. For winter weddings, a Tartan Scarf can be given to each guest to make both a stylish and practical favor.  



We hope you’ve been inspired to add a wee bit of Scotland into your wedding. If you want some more detailed information or ideas for your wedding outfit, pop over to our What to Wear to a Scottish Wedding page.



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