Our Story


Welcome to Kilt Society.

I'm Fergus. Together with my wife Emma, we run Kilt Society.

The idea for Kilt Society began in early 2014 as we started planning our wedding.

I'd been selling kilts since 2004, starting out as a side project while at university and run from a bedroom in my mum's house.

I met Emma at university and the hobby slowly turned into a proper business.

I never planned to sell kilts, but the company grew and developed over the years into an impressive enterprise, following the weaves and turns of our life.

It took on a small team and a small storage unit and over the years, the storage unit turned into a warehouse and the team grew.

Emma and I moved to London where she worked as a buyer for a large international fashion brand.

We decided to get married and for the first time I turned into a kilt customer. I had to find my wedding outfit.

You'd think that would be easy for a guy with a kilt store, but it wasn't. Nearly everything I wanted in my outfit didn't seem to be available. Maybe because I knew too much, or because I'd seen it all before.

Every kilt store seemed to have the same tired selection - even mine! I wanted more from a kilt. And more from a kilt store.

Growing tired of the rat race in London, we had one of those chats where we dreamed the big picture. Imagine if we could do this, imagine if we could do that.

Imagine if we moved back up to Edinburgh. Imagine if we started working together. Imagine if we started a kilt store that was better than the rest. Imagine if we started a kilt store that was designed for the modern man. That was designed for people like us. If we started with a clean slate, we could do it so well.


We got married in June 2014 (that's us above). Emma quit her job in September. We moved back up to Edinburgh. We joined forces.

We spent 2 years building the team, planning the look and feel, working with makers and tailors, refining the range.

Launched in late 2016, Kilt Society is what we love about Scotland and the kilt.

But, it's not a finished work yet and never will be. We constantly update and improve our range because your wedding tomorrow won't look the same as mine yesterday.

We stand behind every product in our range because we want you to love buying, owning and wearing your kilt from day 0 to day 999.

We also know that not everyone buys a kilt for their wedding so we've created an Essential range for the occasional kilt wearer.

Everyone deserves to wear a kilt. Everyone deserves to find their perfect kilt.

Emma, Fergus, Aila and Alfie

Kilt Society is one half of Eagle & Fox.