The Story


By Fergus Macdonald

In 2004, I started selling sporrans.

I was a student at the time, and the store was just a side project I ran from a bedroom in my mum’s house. I would run home from class to check my emails, print out orders, and wrap them up in pink, flowery paper (the only thing I had laying around) before dropping them at the post office.



I never planned to sell kilts, but that all changed as the hobby evolved into a proper business. It started with just sporrans and expanded to kilt belts and buckles, then sgian dubhs. Before long, I was selling full kilt outfits.

The business was growing into an impressive enterprise, and suddenly my bedroom was so full of sporrans there was barely space to move. It was time to expand. I took on a friend to help out and rented a small storage unit.

I met my wife and business partner, Emma, at university. After we graduated, we decided to move to London. Emma worked as a buyer for a large international fashion brand, while I ran the business remotely.

Over the years our team grew, we took on larger and larger warehouses, and we became one of the world’s biggest kilt stores.

Fast forward to 2014. Emma and I started planning our wedding and I became a kilt customer for the very first time. Even for a guy with a kilt store, finding the kilt outfit I wanted wasn’t exactly easy. Everyone was selling the same tired selection. I wanted more.

I knew that buying your first kilt is not something you forget. It's not something you want to get wrong. You want to look and feel on point.



That’s when we had the idea for Kilt Society™.

We wanted to build a kilt community for people like us. A community that celebrates the tradition of the kilt and the style of the modern man. If we started with a clean slate, we could do it so well.

And so we did.

We were married in June 2014 and just three months later we quit the rat race of London, moved back to Edinburgh, and started building Kilt Society™.

We launched in September 2016 and hit the ground running.



We’ve built a great team - small but powerful, creative, and dedicated to doing things a little differently. Operating out of our warehouse in Leith, Edinburgh, we’re constantly updating and improving our range to keep up with your changing style, while always respecting Scottish tradition.

After all, everyone deserves to find their perfect kilt.