Kilt Society Essential- Men's 8 Yard Kilt - Black Watch


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Although still closely linked with the Royal Highland Regiment, Black Watch tartan is an "open tartan," meaning anyone can wear it. It isn't tied to a specific clan, but it symbolizes tradition and bravery. You'll often see Scots wearing it at Highland Games and weddings.

The Kilt Society™ Essentials range offers heritage designs at affordable prices for the modern man. Each Essentials product has been selectively sourced from expert local and international suppliers – because no matter your budget, we believe you should never sacrifice quality.


  • Made from 8 yards of material
  • Woven from 65% Polyester, 35% Rayon tartan cloth
  • 100% cotton waist lining
  • 3 leather straps for adjustable fastening
  • 2 belt loops
  • Standard 24" drop
  • Pleated to sett