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  1. Have someone take your measurements
  2. Wear thin and light clothing
  3. Stand up straight, relax and look straight ahead
  4. Hang your arms naturally at your side, with your legs about shoulder width apart
  5. Take all measurements in inches to the nearest half
  6. Double check your measurements


Kilt Measuring Guide

Kilt Measuring Guide

A Waist Size


Measure around the natural waist, usually at or just above your naval. Measure tight enough for the kilt to stay up, but loose enough for comfort.

Kilt Height

Jeans, kilt and trews waist comparison

B Seat Size

Measure around the widest part of your hips/bum.

C Kilt Length

Kneel on the ground and measure from your naval to the floor.

Here's a general idea of expected kilt length. Slight differences are normal, but measure again if your measurement is significantly different.


Height Expected Length
5' 6" to 5' 7" 22" to 22.5"
5' 8 to 5' 9" 23" to 23.5"
5' 10" to 5' 11" 24" to 24.5"
6' to 6' 2" 24.5" to 25.5"
6' 3" to 6" 4" 26" to 26.5"
6' 5" to 6' 7" 27" to 27.5"



Jacket Measuring Guide

Jacket Measuring Guide Image

Please note:

When measuring for a jacket it is worthwhile wearing the type of shirt that will be worn with the jacket.
Use a flexible tape and measure around the fullest part of the chest. Stand straight but relaxed and try not to take a deep breath in or out as this will affect the chest measurement. Make sure the tape is straight across the back. Either ask someone to measure you or look in a mirror to check this. Don’t pull the tape tightly, and check the size on the tape. If your chest size falls between two sizes, order the size up if you like your jacket to be an easy fit. 

Trouser Measuring Guide

Trousers and Trews Measuring Guide Image

Please note:

The difference between the inside and outside leg measurement will determine the height of the waistline of your trousers.

If you are wearing the trousers with a short jacket such as a Prince Charlie, you may want to make your outside leg measurement a little longer to accommodate them being worn higher up on your waist. Alternatively, if purchasing custom made Argyll or Miltary style trews then please take into account the additional 2"-3" height when measuring the outside leg measurement (see blue dotted line on image).


Hat Measuring Guide

In the past, every gentleman knew his hat size, just as he knew his shirt size. However, these sizes are in imperial eighths and nowadays we usually measure in centimetres. It’s much easier, and more reliable, to have someone measure your head for you. We recommend using something flexible, either a cloth tape measure, or a length of ribbon or even string. Whatever you use, it should not be stretchy as this will not give an accurate measurement.


Wrap the tape around the head, and make sure this is done at the place you want the band of the hat to sit. You can then check how many centimetres this is, and order the best size. You’ll find the sizes in the drop down menu called Hat Size. We recommend you choose by centimetre size, even though we show the imperial sizes too. We do this because it’s the tradition, but just ignore them unless you are very confident with imperial sizes.


Full Measuring Guide

Full Measuring Guide Image