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Victorian Collar Dress Shirt with Double Cuff



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There are certain special occasions, such as your wedding, when you will want to wear a ruched tie or a cravat. Then you need a shirt which will accommodate that tie, and the Victorian Collar has been created for this. It has a wing collar but it’s considerably deeper than regular so that it is compatible with the ruched tie or the cravat.

And as the occasion for a ruched tie is very formal, then you will want, and need, cufflinks with this shirt. The double cuffs are made with four buttonholes on each cuff so that when you fold them back, there are two buttonholes on the front cuffs and two on the back. Make sure you get your cufflinks through all the holes so that your cuff lies perfectly.

The most popular mix for shirts is poly-cotton mix which is soft to wear but easy to wash and needs little ironing, (which is good news for most of us). In keeping with the formal look of the shirt, the front buttons are concealed under a double layer of fabric.

From neck sizes 14.5” to 18” the shirt comes in increments of half sizes, then it comes as an 18”, 19” and 20”. Classic white is definitely the more popular, but a black shirt makes a great finish to a black outfit, perhaps with a bright, contrast colour in the ruched tie. But that’s up to you, it’s your choice.


  • Easy care 65% polyester, 35% cotton material
  • Plain front with hidden buttons
  • Double cuff suitable for cufflinks
  • Victorian collar to suit Ruched Tie
  • Available in UK neck sizes 14.5"-20"
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