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Torran Cotton Kilt Hose



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If you prefer cotton socks, these are the ones for you. It’s very unusual to find cotton kilt socks, but we know some of you aren’t keen on wool and might be concerned about it being itchy. These socks are very rich in cotton, a whopping 93%. They are more or less pure cotton, but you do need something to give them a bit more stretch and durability, so 6% nylon and 1% elastane is added to the yarn blend.

The colour is called Ecru, which is also known as off-white, winter white or unbleached white. In other words, it’s not cream, it’s white, but not dazzling white. You can wear this colour with any tartan and they will look good.



  • Seamless sock with stitched toe cap
  • Ribbed leg, flat stitch under foot
  • Simple flat ribbed cuff
  • Machine washable at 30 degree wool cycle


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