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Saltire of Scotland Kilt Hose



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The Saltire, or St Andrews Cross is instantly identifiable as Scottish, but it’s also a great colour combination for many tartans, as blue is often a dominant colour in tartan. Match it to any blue tartan as different shades of blue always look good together (not true of all colours). The Cream is the most popular base colour but we really like the blue too, especially with Freedom or Douglas Modern tartan.

Choose your sock size according to your shoe size, and this sock fits a wide range of shoe sizes. The top cuff is knitted in jacquard which means there are no loops on the back of the cuff because they are knitted in. This also makes a nice thick cuff as it’s like 3 depths of wool.



  • Three large saltires knitted around the top
  • Jacquard double knit top
  • 3 ply Merino blend wool
  • Machine washable at 30°C Wool Wash
  • Made in Scotland
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