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Socks which are worn with a kilt are commonly known as hose, and there are some features which distinguish them from socks which are worn with trousers. First of all, they are full length and come right up to the knee, with a deep (3.5”) cuff to turn over at the top. These hose are worn to be seen and so the detailing on the design is important.

The foot of the hose is knitted in stocking stitch which is a flat stitch which is comfortable under the foot. The leg is ribbed which gives some stretch and helps the hose to stay up, but also gives the calf more definition. The cuff has stitch detail in a diamond pattern which shows on the outside of the hose when turned over. These hose can be worn without flashes, but the cuff is deep enough to hide the elastic on flashes, and hold them in place.

Cream may be thought of as the ‘correct’ colour for kilt hose, but we are also fans of the colours which match our tartan kilt colours so well. As well as black,and cream of course, there’s dark and soft blues, dark and soft green and also grey. If you’re not sure which colour you prefer to go with your tartan, buy two – or three pairs and you’ll always have a pair for every occasion.



  • Ribbed leg with flat diamond pattern at top
  • Seamless sock with stitched toe cap
  • Available in a wide choice of colours to match all tartans
  • 3 sizes - choose by shoe size
  • Machine washable at 30°C Wool Wash


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