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Luxury Diced Hose



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These look fabulous and are made with great skill both in the knitting and the assembly. They are knitted flat so that the different colours can be laid in by hand. The plain colours use 3 threads of the same colour of yarn and the marl checks use 2 of the dominant colour and 1 of the other colour. The sock pieces are shaped by hand, increasing and decreasing the number of stitches on the machine.

Once the pieces are ready, they have to be stitched together. This is also precision work, as each edge has to be matched stitch to stitch while the machine links the pieces together by making a chain through both pieces. This keeps the pattern perfect on the seam up the back of the leg.

They are washable in the machine, but only on a cool 30°C and the Wool cycle. Follow this with a gentle spin and re-shape them while damp. Lay them flat to dry and whatever you do don’t put them in the tumble drier. They are such a luxury you must take care of them.



  • Fully fashioned point linked hose
  • Great range of tartan colours
  • Hose tops come in one size only
  • 3 ply Merino Wool Acrylic blend
  • Made in Scotland
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