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Kilt Jacket Buttons- Pack of 3




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These Prince Charlie or Argyll jacket buttons are ideal replacements for your formal jackets.

The Kilt Society™ range offers the most sought-after designs, made for the modern man using traditional methods. These crafted pieces, made by local experts, give an extra touch of refinement to any kilt outfit.


  • Available in polished and antique finish 
  • Made from 100% pewter
  • Made in the UK
  • Small button size 5/8" 
  • Large button size 3/4"
  • A pack contains 2 small buttons and 1 large button. 

Top Tips

Argyll jackets normally have 14 small buttons and 1 large button.

Prince Charlie jackets normally have 20 large buttons and 2 small buttons (excluding the waistcoat).

Waistcoats for either Prince Charlies or Argylls have either 3 or 5 small buttons.

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