What Style of Trews Is for You?

Posted on October 20 2017

Scotland and the kilt might go hand-in-hand, but tartan trews play an equally big part in our tradition. Dating back to the 1530s, tartan trews were normally worn by Highlanders when the kilt just didn't cut it in the cold winter months. Like the kilt, trews were temporarily banned in Scotland under the Dress Act of 1746.

Modern tartan trews are a great alternative for anyone who doesn't want to go kilted but still wants to wear a traditional Scottish outfit. Smart and versatile, tartan trews are great for formal events but can equally be dressed down for a casual look. 

Not sure what trews are right for your style and occasion? Read on to learn the differences between our Argyll tartan trewsmilitary style tartan trews, and fishtail back tartan trews.



The Argyll tartan trews are styled like standard suit trousers but sit higher on the waist, so your outside leg measurement will be about two to three inches longer than with your normal trousers. 

Argyll tartan trews are very versatile, making them a smart choice if you're not sure where you'll wear them. When going formal, pair them with a full-length suit jacket, a smart tweed Argyll jacket, or a shorter Prince Charlie jacket. The Argyll trews also look great with a jumper for a stylish everyday look.

While our custom-made Argyll trews are available in any tartan, our Kilt Society™ Essentials trews are a great option if you're on a budget and don't have a particular tartan in mind.



Fishtail Back Tartan Trews

These trews, with their detailed fishtail back, are designed to be worn with braces and the shorter Prince Charlie jacket. Buttons are sewn on the top of the fish tails for attaching the braces and won't be seen when wearing a jacket. 

The fishtail back tartan trews are the most traditional and formal option, great for weddings. 


Military Style Tartan Trews

The Military Style trews are nearly identical to the Fishtail Back tartan trews with one key difference: they appear to be seamless. There is no side seam on the outside leg and the pattern on the inside seam is so well matched that it looks like there isn't one at all. 

Like most of our trews, the Military Style tartan trews are high-waisted, so be sure to add an extra two to three inches to your normal leg measurement when ordering. 



If you're not a fan of the high-waisted look, a pair of tartan trousers can still give you that smart, Scottish look. Tartan trousers can essentially be worn anywhere you would wear a smart pair of trousers, such as a day event or even to the office.

Our custom made tartan trousers can be made in any tartan and are tailored to flatter your figure. They look great when paired with a full-length jacket, but you can also dress them down with a simple shirt or jumper. 


Still not sure which style of tartan trews is right for you? Our experts are here to help - just get in touch.

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