The Most Haunted Places in Scotland

Posted on October 27 2017

Most Haunted Places in Scotland

With such a bloody, savage history, it's no wonder Scotland is said to be one of the world's most haunted countries. Home to the notorious Sawney Bean, infamous witch trails and body snatchers Burke and Hare, Scotland is full of stories to make your skin crawl. 

In honour of Halloween, here's our list of the most haunted places in Scotland. 

Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh

Claims that Mary King’s Close is haunted have been around since the 17th century. These winding streets, with walls made of human ash, are said to be where Edinburgh’s plague victims were left to die.

Many people have reported seeing ghosts in these underground closes - mostly headless animals, disembodied men, and a five-year-old girl named Annie. Curious? Visit it for yourself.


Culloden Moor

The sight of Scotland’s bloodiest battle, around 2,000 Jacobites were killed on the Culloden Moor in less than a single hour on the 16th of April 1746.

There have been reports that ghosts appear on the moor on the battle’s anniversary each year. It is also said that when visiting the moor you can hear the clashing of swords, and that birds refuse to sing over the graves.


Fyvie Castle, Aberdeen

This castle may look like the perfect destination for a romantic getaway, but the haunting stories within its walls tell a different story. In recent years, a caretaker for the building named Robert Lovie reported seeing objects move or disappear completely.

Fyvie Castle is also said to be home to two lady ghosts - Lady Meldrum (the Grey Lady) and Dame Lillias Drumond (the Green Lady). Lady Meldrum’s remains were locked in a secret room after her death but were disturbed by workmen in 1920. Ever since, it is said that she curses whoever enters the room, haunting them for the rest of their days.

The Green Lady, on the other hand, was reportedly starved to death by her husband, who wanted to marry another woman. Numerous visitors to the castle have reported seeing her roam the halls, leaving a floral scent behind her. (Not to be confused with the Green Lady of the Crathes Castle - that's another ghost story entirely)


Glasgow Necropolis

This Glasgow cemetery has about 250,000 residents, so there’s plenty of room for ghosts. In September 1954, hundreds of children between the ages of four and 14 headed to the Necropolis armed with knives and sticks to fight a seven-foot-tall vampire that was rumoured to have kidnapped and eaten two young boys. You can read more about the panic here.



Many people who have passed through Glencoe can tell you about the area's eerie, chilling atmosphere. In 1692, 38 men, women and children belonging to Clan Macdonald were killed as they slept in their beds by troops from Clan Campbell. 

Vistors to the area report hearing screams or even seeing ghostly re-enactments of the Glencoe Massacre around its anniversary, 13 February. 


Stirling Castle

If you happen to see a kilted man walking about the grounds of Stirling Castle, he may not necessarily be a tour guide. Some guests have reportedly approached this fully-kilted Highlander, only for him to completely vanish before their eyes. 


What did we miss? Have you ever seen a ghost in Scotland? Let us know in the comments below.


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