The Kilt as Every Day Wear

Posted on September 13 2016

Wear a Kilt More Often

Special Occasions

Even here in the home of the kilt, there’s a lingering perception that a ‘real’ kilt is only for formal occasions – weddings in particular, with the Prince Charlie jacket, dress shirt and bow tie. Or worn with a Scotland shirt and boots, but then only worn to a rugby match or as part of football's Tartan Army of supporters. Have a look at our What to Wear to a Wedding page for some inspiration on how to put your perfect wedding outfit together.

Recent Habits

However, not so long ago (in terms of the history of the kilt), many more kilts were worn in daily life, especially in the Highlands. Throughout Scotland, kilts were, and still are, often part of school uniform, for both boys and girls. Most Scots over 40 had a kilt at some time in their life, often seen in the school class photo.

Kilts World-Wide

 In many parts of the world, a kilt, or a local version of a kilt, is worn because it is comfortable and practical. We have heard that a US Postal worker wants the kilt to become a uniform option for men because comparing it to shorts, apparently he said that it is much more comfortable and suited to the male anatomy than trousers and that in hot weather there’s less chafing.

Current Revival

The current kilt revival is beginning to bring back the freedom to wear a kilt on almost any occasion. Some superstars have been seen wearing kilts and thus have given the kilt a certain seal of approval. Here at, we’ve had positive feedback from long distance drivers, computer users, and some customers have told us that their doctor recommended wearing a kilt whilst undergoing certain medical treatment. Wear it with a colourful shirt, a sweater, a t-shirt and a leather jacket, with boots, brogues or wellies. Treat your kilt like your jeans and wear it in whatever style your mood dictates.

Our Advice

We recommend kilts for any job, except mountaineers or firemen because as it says in the old saucy postcard, the higher you climb, the better the view!

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  • Aaron Broughton-Janes: April 17, 2017

    Kilts are a wonderful recent discovery for me. I’m not Scottish (possibly Irish decent) but find everyday kilt wearing comfortable and freeing. They are also brilliant for walking in the country without the risk of a torn crotch seam when engaging in a particularly high step onto a wall! Bring on the revival and thanks for the blog post!

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