Photography; Behind the Scenes!

Posted on November 12 2016

At Kilt Society™ we like to be involved with everything that goes on around here. From developing and sourcing products to designing new graphics and taking photographs!

We thought we would give you a sneak peak behind the scenes of our first two photoshoots.

For our first photo-shoot, we headed to The Shore in Leith with our great models Alex and Robbie. 3 clothing changes and 10 locations later they've become the faces of Kilt Society™.

We're very 'all hands on deck' here, with almost half the team getting involved on our first shoot, and the other half coming along for the second. 

We love Leith, It's our home and we think it's and often underappreciated area of Edinburgh. Even though we had already used Leith for our first photo-shoot we decided to stay at home for the most part and use a few more Leith spots for our second shoot. 

After shooting with Shaun, our model, all around Leith (and even in one of our favourite local bars) we decided to embark on one of Edinburgh's more known spots - Calton Hill.

Amazing views and the autumnal colours of the trees (and Shaun's willingness to climb hills) made Calton Hill the perfect place to take our Autumn/Winter photographs! 

We're all super excited to show you all of our new Autumn/Winter photographs. You'll see them popping up all over the website but if you want to see them first, head over and like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram where we've already started posting them. 


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