How to care for your Kilt Society™ Essentials Kilt

Posted on September 13 2016

Storing your Kilt Society™ Essentials at Home 

To store your kilt long-term, we recommend the Premium Kilt Hanger as it is a heavy duty clip which fastens securely along the full width of the kilt. For short term storage, we also have a sturdy , metal Standard Kilt Hanger.  Make sure you clip both front and back of your kilt together to avoid sagging. Your kilt already comes with side loops too, and these are fine for occasional use.


Ironing your Kilt Society™ Essentials

With normal use, a kilt will almost never need ironing. Any light creases will usually drop out after a few days hanging, especially if you hang it in a steamy atmosphere, such as a shower room (but not IN the shower, guys). However, if you still feel your kilt needs ironing, you can do this yourself. Using a cool iron, always iron on the reverse of the fabric, and take care to align the pleats and don’t let them fall off the ironing board while you are ironing. This could be a job for the best friend – holding up the pleats while you’re ironing! 


Cleaning your Kilt Society™ Essentials

If you do accidently spill anything on your kilt, dab (don’t rub) it with a clean, damp, lint-free cloth, and do this as soon as possible before the spill sets or stains. If this is not enough, the good news is that your Kilt Society™ Essentials is washable. You will find a care label attached to the inside of your kilt and it’s important that you follow these instructions carefully.

Our preference is washing at 30° as it is both economical and energy-saving, and we use a liquid product. Put your kilt into the washing machine with the straps tied, as this prevents any risk of damage from the buckle. The short spin on the synthetic cycle is important as it helps to reduce creasing. Hang your kilt on your kilt hanger to dry as this will help it to dry with minimal need (if any) for ironing afterwards. See above for ironing instructions if necessary.


Travelling with your Kilt

For travelling, it depends on the length of journey and the type of transport. If you are going by car with a suit hook in the back, you can hang your complete outfit in a protective carrier and have your outfit safely bagged in one place and protected from the elements. 

Women have always known that rolling clothes when packing a suitcase minimises the need for ironing when you arrive. Now we have a specially designed product which not only lets you roll your kilt, but then you pop it into a soft zipped case with hand and shoulder carrying straps. We think this is perhaps the cleverest thing since the plaid was pleated into a kilt, and is a must for world travellers.



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