A Guide to International Beer and Pizza Day

Posted on October 06 2017

International Beer and Pizza Day

We're not quite sure who comes up with events like International Beer and Pizza Day, but we're here for it. 

Celebrated each year on the 9th of October, this day celebrates one of our favourite iconic combos. To help you take full advantage, we've put together this guide to the ultimate pizza and beer pairings.

Pizza not your thing? That's cool - we've got you covered. Check out our previous blog post on other beer and food pairings.


Let's start off simple. Sometimes all you really want is a classic, plain cheese pizza - no fixings, nothing crazy.

What's the best way to wash it down? With an ice cold, equally classic IPA. The beer's citrus, hoppy flavour is nice and tart, perfect for cutting through the intense cheesiness. 


A slightly fancier take on a traditional cheese pizza, margherita is served on a base of sweet tomato sauce. That, combined with the fresh, crisp taste of the basil and a traditionally charred crust, means a lot of flavours.

To contend with the complex flavour profile, we recommend pairing your margherita pizza with a simple beer, like an unfiltered lager.


It's undeniable that pepperoni pizza is a world favourite. Did you know that each year we consume over 252 million pounds of pepperoni from pizza alone?

When done well, a pepperoni pizza should have a slightly spicy flavour to it - perfect for pairing with a light, nutty, caramelly-sweet beer like an amber ale.


Let's face it - this pie is about 85% meat, 15% pizza. 

The best way to draw out the pizza's meaty flavours is with a dark, smoked beer. The dried-out malted barley of these beers gives them an authentic smokey taste, really highlighting the flavours in the pizza's sausage, beef and bacon. 


Meat not for you? A vegetarian pizza tends to have a more delicate flavour profile, so you'll want to pair it with a beer that isn't too intense. 

Kölsch is another great German beer, native to Cologne. This light, pale beer has a subtle but delicious flavour with a touch of hoppy bitterness, so it won't overpower the tastes in your veggie slice. 


We've saved the most controversial pizza for last. The debate over whether to include pineapple on your pizza seems to rock the internet every now and again (even the President of Iceland got involved).

If you sit on the pineapple side of the argument (the right side, in our opinion), you'll want to pair your Hawaiian pizza with a light-bodied blonde ale. The beers tend to have a nice citrusy flavour, perfect for emphasizing the sweet pineapple and smokey bacon or ham. 


What did we miss? What's your favourite beer and pizza combo? Let us know in the comments.

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