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Standard Black Prince Charlie Jacket & 5 Button Vest



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The feature which first strikes you about the Contemporary Prince Charlie Jacket is the black chrome buttons. They create a modern all-black look which is fast becoming a favourite for the man who wants to wear a formal kilt outfit which reflects current fashion.

The second feature which identifies this outfit as modern is the five button waistcoat (vest). As the jacket does not fasten, the waistcoat fills the space between the open jacket, so that the overall look on the front is continuous black.

Both jacket and waistcoat are made in pure wool and fully lined. The material is known as Barathea, which describes the type of weave. It has a matt finish, which provides a good contrast to the satin lapels and braided epaulettes on the jacket.

All together there are more than two dozen buttons on the set, in different sizes according to where they are placed. Three on each sleeve highlight the cuff detail, and three on each jacket front emphasise the tapered shape from waist towards chest. The back of the jacket has two short tail panels which have the same cuff and button detail as the sleeves, then two buttons highlight the point where the shaping of the back meets the waistline. Small buttons hold the epaulettes in place, and of course as the name suggests, there are five buttons on the waistcoat.

As the jacket does not have pockets, the waistcoat has two good sized pockets instead. However we usually recommend you leave these empty, or put only light items in them as it may spoil the line of the waistcoat to have bulky items in the pockets.

As this set needs to fit well, we recommend you check your measurements before you order. As well as a wide range of chest sizes, the jacket comes in 3 different sleeve lengths. Our page titled Measuring Guide will help you to get your size right, which is more reliable than just guessing.

The Contemporary Black Prince Charlie Jacket & Waistcoat is delivered to you in a jacket carrier, but you might want to add a sturdy Wooden Jacket Hanger to your order if you don’t already have one. Such a good quality outfit should be well cared for as you will have it for a long time to come.



  • 100% 15oz barathea pure new wool Prince Charlie jacket and matching 5 button waistcoat
  • Beautifully made jacket with Celtic emblem black chrome buttons
  • Silk braided epaulettes
  • Satin lapels
  • Decorated cuffs with 3 buttons
  • Supplied in jacket carrier
  • Made in China with British cloth



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