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Standard 5 Button Black Prince Charlie/Argyll Waistcoat



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The 5 button waistcoat (or vest) is a much higher front than the traditional waistcoat and as such is seen as the modern option. Wear it with a Prince Charlie or an Argyll jacket to complete a formal outfit. We like it worn with a Victorian Collar Shirt and a Ruched Tie, but you might prefer it with a bow tie or a tartan wool tie to match your kilt.

The front is made in black barathea wool, with two thumb pockets which may be stitched closed when you receive it. You might want to leave the stitching in place and not use the pockets as this keeps a perfect line to the front of the waistcoat, especially when you take your jacket off.

As a waistcoat should fit neatly, there are two darts at the waistline to help shape the front. The back is in black satin, the same as the front lining, and it has an adjustable belt to let you fit it neatly to your waist size.

The 5 buttons are square and polished with a Celtic design embossed on them. The material of the waistcoat and the buttons match both the Prince Charlie and the Argyll jackets so you can add this waistcoat to either outfit and know that it will be a perfect match.



  • Made from 15oz barathea new wool

  • 5 Celtic emblem polished buttons

  • Adds a contemporary touch to a traditional outfit

  • Commonly worn with a Victoria collar shirt and ruched tie

  • Available in a range of sizes

  • Made in China with British cloth


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