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Immediately you see this jacket, you know it’s a luxurious piece of clothing. You can imagine it on the moors, on the Highland estate, at the highland games or cutting a dash on market day in the town. Wherever and whenever, it will look ‘country gentleman’. The names of the colours reflect their country inspiration, forest, Highland and Lovat (or love-it as we say it!) Each colour way has a marled mix of soft tweedy shades to produce an effect that resembles the natural hues of the Scottish countryside. these are colours we have chosen, which is why we're waxing lyrical about them. Actually there are even more colours available. If you have a colour in mind, contact us and we'll help. You'll understand that this may affect the cost and the time for tailoring too, but it will be worth it if you have a particular colour in mind.

But before we get carried away with the romanticism of all the choices – this jacket also comes in charcoal. Grey is a good city colour and is very popular at the moment for weddings, graduations and with guys who have a grey or very dark kilt. It’s a softer colour than pure black, because of the mix of black and grey wool which is woven together to produce the dark grey.

The quality of this jacket comes not just from the quality of the fabric but also from the expertise with which it is made. It is fully lined, with a specially woven fabric which has thistles woven into it. The attention to detail ensures that each jacket is made with the same tailoring skills. These are perhaps not apparent to the casual observer, but when you look closely, you will understand.

Buttons on traditional Highland jackets were made of horn, and these jackets have replica buttons which have the same country look. There’s one central button on the front, and the tweed epaulettes are held in place with a matching button. The other buttons are decorative, to highlight the sleeve cuffs and the pocket flaps.

If you want to make the jacket more formal, you can order a 5 button waistcoat (vest) and wear them together. We recommend ordering them at the same time as it may be difficult to match the tweed at a later date. This will not delay your order, which will take approximately 5 – 8 weeks to be made for you. If your order is more urgent, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.



  • Pure wool tweed in a range of beautiful colours (Lovat Green pictured)
  • Buttons are replica carved staghorn
  • Fully lined with thistle jacquard pattern material
  • Exquisitely made with British tailoring skills and attention to detail
  • Add a 5 button waistcoat (vest)



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