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Without doubt the defining feature of this jacket is the tailoring. This is not obvious in a photo, and may not be obvious to the casual observer, but this is what you will appreciate most about this luxury jacket and waistcoat. If you have an eye for detail and you appreciate that quality is a subtle difference, then this is the jacket for you.

The expertise of British tailoring is renowned throughout the world and some customers would not consider anything else to be authentic. If this is you, then you probably also know that traditionally the satin lapels on a Prince Charlie are only on the jacket and the waistcoat (vest) lapels are in wool.

The specially woven lining fabric has a thistle motif woven in. This is subtle and discreet, but it clearly says ‘quality’ when you take off your jacket and show this on the back of the waistcoat. The thistle motif is a distinctly Scottish image which is immediately recognised by anyone with Scottish connections. There is an adjustable belt on the back of the vest (waistcoat) so that you can make the fit absolutely perfect.

When you think about the colours in your kilt, you may decide black is not the only colour which would look good for the jacket. The luxury set gives you the option to have an alternative to black, which could also make your jacket stand out from the crowd, but in a restrained way, not shouting it out. Both jacket and vest are offered in a range of chest sizes and the jacket comes in different sleeve lengths.

We have this set made to order for you and so please allow 5 – 7 weeks for your order to be ready to dispatch. If your order is more urgent, please get in touch and we’ll try to help.



  • Pure 15oz barathea wool fabric, woven in UK
  • Jacket and waistcoat (vest) sold as a set
  • Fully lined with thistle jacquard patterned material
  • Satin lapels on jacket (not on waistcoat, in traditional manner)
  • Exquisitely made with British tailoring skills and attention to detail
  • Chrome finish square buttons with Celtic design in sharp relief
  • Silk braided epaulettes with button fixing



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