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At first glance, you may not see the luxury of this Argyll jacket. The quality is discreet, seen only on close inspection. It is in the precision of the tailoring and the quality of the finish. But you will appreciate this when you wear it – you will feel the luxury even although others may not see it. For some discerning customers, UK made is an essential ingredient. If this is applies to you, then you’ll be proud to wear this Argyll jacket.

Your Luxury Argyll Jacket will take you to any occasion, except perhaps your own wedding or another extremely formal event. It’s so versatile that it’s worth paying for the quality this jacket will give you. You will have it for a lifetime and while kilts are still being worn, Argyll jackets will still be worn.

This jacket is cut from pure 15oz barathea wool, a traditional weave for quality tailoring. This sturdy fabric has what is known as a pebble effect, which you can see only when you look closely, but gives depth to the colour. This type of weave holds its shape well which is why it is used (mainly) in men’s tailoring.

Classic black is perfect for any tartan, but if you’re a little more adventurous, you could choose an alternative colour. This is one of the attractions of this option. The choice of colours is particularly suitable for the most popular tartans. When you already have your kilt, you can choose the colour which best matches.

The lining of this jacket is specially woven with a thistle motif throughout. No one will see it, but you’ll know that it’s there, and when you hang up your jacket, you’ll be reminded of the subtlety that accompanies quality.

We have this jacket made to order for you, and so it takes approximately 5 – 8 weeks to be ready to dispatch. If your order is more urgent, please give us a call, and we’ll do our best to help.



  • Pure 15oz barathea wool, woven in UK
  • Fully lined with thistle jacquard pattern material
  • Exquisitely made with British tailoring skills and attention to detail
  • Chrome finish square buttons with Celtic design in sharp relief
  • Silk braided epaulettes with button fixing
  • Add a 5 button matching waistcoat (vest)



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