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Can you believe the price? This is the perfect kilt when you’re on a budget. It’s made in a good weight of woven tartan, there’s just less of it in the kilt. This means fewer pleats, but still the tartan pattern is continuous around the back of the kilt, called pleating to the sett. It is light to wear, ideal for activity, or very warm weather (not something we’re bothered by here in Scotland).



  • Made from woven tartan cloth
  • Made from 5 yards of fabric with regular, deep pleats at the rear
  • Pleated to the sett, some sizes in some tartans may not show an exact representation of the sett across the pleats
  • 100% cotton lining for comfort when wearing
  • 3 belt loops on rear of the kilt
  • 2 leather straps to fasten kilt - one on each side
  • Straps allow kilt to expand by roughly 3-4"
  • Standard 24" drop



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